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Stuck by FengHuangLady

My submission for part 1 of the HP Distaster event! Freyja got caught in the storm while out and about (she's a stay, what do you expect), and now she's trying to get some kind of shelter from it all.

Dunno what else to say urgh, but if anybody wants to RP with her, that would be GREAT SHE'S LONELY PLEASE SAVE HER. :iconweepplz:

I prefer to do skype if you have it, but notes are perfectly fine as long as response is fairly consistent. Any style is fine but I do like lit better.
Come Get It Bae by FengHuangLady
Come Get It Bae

"Why don't you come here and pucker up? It is Valentine's Day, after all..."

I wanted to get some exposure for Freyja, so here she is casually participating at the Kissing Booth! Come by and get a kiss for $2, or even just to have a chat and get to know her.
Happy Tails: Freyja App by FengHuangLady
Happy Tails: Freyja App

I stumbled across this group right as they were closing ahhhhhhhhhhh. Of course I had to make an app for when it opens up again!


Name: Freyja

Age: 2 years in Dog, roughly 22 years in Human but looks a little younger (late teens)

Gender: Female

Height: 5'2 (Human) | 1'2 at the shoulder (Dog)

Breed: Pomeranian/Poodle = FLUFFY

Job: Currently a stray aka a jobless hobo looking for work

Partner: Loner stray for now, come give her some love! Heart 

Sexual orientation: Bicurious (it's all about intent, baby!), but really loves the D***


:bulletred: Friendly - Freyja is pretty friendly for the most part and tries to be polite even when she doesn't like a person. If she's trying to, making friends is easy for her.

:bulletred: Cynical - Having grown up on the streets in various unsavory situations, Freyja's opinion about life and those whom she meets tends to be on the less optimistic side. She's the friend that you hang out with when you need some sense slapped into you.

:bulletred: Tolerant - Her tolerance for stupidity and BS is astoundingly high. Outwardly, Freyja seems as friendly or polite as ever, but in her head she's probably plotting someone's demise. She can't be bothered to act on it, though, so no worries there!

:bulletred: Tough - when stuff starts going down, you can often find Freyja right in the heart of it trying to solve issues or dealing out harsh realities when needed. Even if something someone says or does bothers her, she typically won't internalize it and move on.

:bulletred: Affectionate - This poor girl loves and craves physical affection, so once she's comfortable enough with you expect lots of hugs and kisses and cuddles! This tends to give people the wrong impression, however.

:bulletred: Flirty - Freyja knows how to appreciate people and show that appreciation through her actions and words. She's a little flirt sometimes and likes to mess with people by saying provocative things and playing it off.

Freyja's earliest memories involved living as a little girl's first pet. This girl loved her to bits and pieces and they did everything together. However, one day (just like a lot of days before), the girl's father came home angry and shouting and when he began to shout at his daughter, little Freyja jumped in growling and baring her tiny fangs. The father (who was not in any sober state of mind), took offense to this and grabbed Freyja by the scruff of her neck and chucked her out into the streets. He had made sure to leave her in an unfamiliar place, and thus Freyja could not find her way back home. From there on she lived her life as a stray.

She spent the next year or so living on her own. While she was friendly to other dogs she met along the way, she couldn't stand having to deal with various pack leaders being aggressive or trying to make her submit and thus never stayed in one place for long. In the end she eventually walked into Pawsville where she witnessed lots of happy dogs and humans living together in harmony. Freyja decided that this seemed like a good place to start a new life.

Extra information: 
:bulletblack: Her favorite things are food and sleep. Not necessarily in that order but best when there's someone else to share with.
:bulletblack: She really hates being dirty and manages to keep herself well-groomed even without an owner. She loves bubble baths.
:bulletblack: It's hard to tell when she's joking sometimes. She likes punking people.
:bulletblack: Has awesome street cred from living the thug/stray life. She can hold her own in a fight and hunt for herself.
:bulletblack: Melts into a puddle of lovey-dovey goo if you massage her shoulders and back. This applies to her human form, too!
:bulletblack: When she get's embarassed or scared Freyja turns back into her dog form. When she gets excited she turns into her human form.
:bulletblack: Even though Freyja is pretty mature, she has a hard time telling if someone likes her or not unless that person is clearly flirting with her.
:bulletblack: Loves music, particularly acoustic guitar and piano.
:bulletblack: Here's what she sounds like!
Super Late Clutch Dump by FengHuangLady
Super Late Clutch Dump
:iconpkmnation: members only!
Hey guys! Here's an INCREDIBLY LATE clutch dump that I've been meaning to post and never got around to doing until the new year. Coincidentally, the father of both of these clutches is my lovely  Thanatos!

Specifications for adopting will be listed below!


Clutch #1: Mother is :iconwhiteumbreon14:'s Witch

Clutch ID: NONE
Hatch Date: 1/27/15
Base Attack: 29
Current Level: 5

1) Female Zorua - OPEN
75 points or 5 levels to the pokemon of my choice

2) Male Zorua/Phantump/Litleo Cross (Dark/Ghost/Fire) - TAKEN for :iconxfoxlanx:
375 points or 15 levels and/or move to the pokemon of my choice

3) Female Litleo/Zorua Cross (Dark/Fire) - TAKEN for :iconwhathappenstoabook:
300 points or 10 levels and/or move to pokemon of my choice

4) Female Zorua/Litleo/Phantump (Dark/Fire/Ghost) - TAKEN by :iconwhiteumbreon14:


Clutch #2: Mother is :iconxxaurataurusxx:'s Kitkat

Clutch ID: NONE
Hatch Date: 1/27/15
Base Attack: 37
Current Level: 5

5) Female Noibat - OPEN
150 points or 8 levels and/or move to pokemon of my choice

6) Male Eevee/Noibat Cross (Normal/Flying, will evolve to include Dragon Type) - TAKEN for :icondratimeg:
375 points or 20 levels and/or move to pokemon of my choice

7) Male Eevee/Litleo/Noibat Cross (Normal/Fire/Flying) - TAKEN by :iconlittle-fragments:
SB: 400 points
AB: 700 points

8) Female Eevee/Noibat/Litleo Cross (Normal/Flying/Fire, will evolve to include Dragon Type) - OPEN
SB: 400 points
AB: 700 points
Re--juvenation APP: Yorumi by FengHuangLady
Re--juvenation APP: Yorumi


{Name} Amemori Kuromi (雨森黒美), now known as Yorumi (夜美) 

{Age} 105 years (appears to be around 20 years old)

{Height & Weight} 5'3 | 124 lbs

{Race/Class} Youkai - Yosuzume (夜雀); "night sparrow"

- Also known as the mountain base sparrow, Yosuzume are said to prevent those traversing the mountains from continuing on their journey. By mystifying a traveler with its song, the Yosuzume can make the unsuspecting individual hopelessly lost. However, in some cases possession by a Yosuzume can be considered good luck, as they may aid and protect the traveler as they make their way through the mountains. Yosuzume have a close relationship with wolves and dogs.

{Occupation} Herbalist and Guide

- Due to her nature as a Yosuzume, Yorumi has an innate sense of direction and can navigate the mountains and forests with ease. She rarely ever gets lost, and typically does so only under moments of extreme stress or confusion. Because of this, she is often employed as a guide for those journeying around Nippon, in particular Agata Forest and Hana Valley. 

-Yorumi also works as a skilled herbalist and healer. Her travels around Nippon taught her where to find valuable healing herbs to create medicines and potions and she developed her skills aiding the sick and wounded that she encountered along the way. She eventually set up shop in Kamiki Village after being unable to continue her journeys due to the miasma. Yorumi leaves the village often to aid those in need of her services.

 {Weapon} Hanabi (Firework) and Ajisai (Hydrangea)

- Though not a swordswoman by any means, Yorumi is proficient enough a fighter to be able to adequately defend herself with her tanto (called Hanabi 花火), which she coats with her own blend of poison (Ajisai (紫陽花).

Skills: Transformation - As a Yosuzume, Yorumi has the ability to switch between her youkai form and form with ease. She typically uses her youkai form for travel and spends most of her time in her human form. Yorumi is able to incorporate aspects of her youkai form while appearing human, such as using her wings to fly. When she experiences extremes of emotion, Yorumi can gather her energy to transform into a much larer and stronger version of her youkai self.

Manipulation/Possession - Yorumi has the ability to control others with her voice. This is particularly affective when she sings her commands, however as this is a much more obvious tactic she only really ever uses it whe she is alone with her target. Furthermore, in her youkai form it is possible to use her voice to possess an individual. It is particularly useful in guiding people who are lost.

Healing and Herbal Knowledge - Her travels through Nippon have given insight and knowledge into the ways of plants and herbal lore. With this wisdom she creates medicines and potions (among other things), to help those in need of healing. Due to the many uses that plants have Yorumi is also skilled at making poisons. 

{Personality} | Curious| Compassionate | Logical | Dedicated | Friendly | Stubborn | Blunt |


"I'm so sorry! I didn't mean for this to happen!"

"Run! Bring help!"

"I've finally got you where I want you. Not so tough, now, are you?"

"I tried ..."

Yorumi's earliest memory was waking underneath a large plum tree, the petals floating gently around her. The spirit of the tree told her that it was her duty to lead and guide others through the land so that no harm may befall them as it did her. Unsure of what the spirit meant, Yorumi struggled to stand but found the her body was suddenly unfamiliar and strange. "You are a Yosuzume," the spirit said. "Bring peace and aid to those around you, and be wise in the choices you make." Wit that, the spirit disappeared and Yorumi was left to her own devices. She traveled through Nippon, favoring the mountains and forests as she looked for a new home, all the while doing as the spirit had bade her and helpin those who deserved her aid.
Yorumi eventually stumbled upon Kamiki Village when she was unable to continue her journey. Seeing as there was little to be done about the miasma, she set up shop in the little village as an herbalist, noting that the village lacked a decent healer. As of right now Yorumi often travels around collectin herbs and trying to figure out why the land is once again under the influence of darkness, as well as what her frequent nightmarescould possibly mean.



-Yorumi's youkai design is  a combination of a sparrow and butterfly. This is due to different interpretations of what Yosuzume supposedly look like in different parts of Japan.
-She dislikes cats. A lot.
-But she really likes dogs. A lot.
-Yorumi's weakness is spicy food. Her favorite food is suama.
-She oftens has nightmares hinting at something that occurred before she met the plum tree spirit. It is her goal in life to find out what that is.
More to come as I work on developing her character a little more!

Only members from PKMNation need to read this!


After having trekked through numerous forests, crossed picturesque streams and hills, you eventually come upon a quiet valley settled right in front of a mountain pass. The sunrise shining through the trees brings a wonderful sense of peace and contentment to your soul, and as you wander through the valley you eventually  walk up to a quaint wooden cabin surrounded by a large fenced area filled with happy Pokemon. 

Welcome to Sunrise Valley Ranch!

Ranch Specialty

:iconfiretypeplz: || :iconwatertypeplz: || :iconflyingtypeplz:


Ranch Pokemon

Name | Species | Lvl. | Breeding Status


Sunrise Valley Ranch: Charon by FengHuangLady Sunrise Valley Ranch: Helios by FengHuangLadySunrise Valley Ranch: Thanatos by FengHuangLadySunrise Valley Ranch: Oberon by FengHuangLady
Charon | Litleo | Lvl. 40 | OPEN
Helios | Litleo/Shinx Crossbreed | Lvl. 74 | OPEN
Thanatos | Pyroar/Trevenant Crossbreed | Lvl. 73 | OPEN
Oberon | Fairy Fusion Altaria | Lvl. 68 | OPEN


Sunrise Valley Ranch: Alys by FengHuangLadySunrise Valley Ranch: Fionna by FengHuangLadySunrise Valley Ranch: Sylph by FengHuangLadySunrise Valley Ranch: Mugetsu by FengHuangLadySunrise Valley Ranch: Lights by FengHuangLadySunrise Valley Ranch: Ohagi by FengHuangLady
Alys  | Ducklet | Lvl. 34 | OPEN
Fionna | Seel | Lvl. 25 | OPEN
Slyph | Fletchling | Lvl 35. | OPEN
Mugetsu | Litleo/Shinx/Vulpix | Lvl. 80 | OPEN
Lights | Charmander | Lvl. 9 | CLOSED until higher lvl
Ohagi | Hoppip | Lvl. 8 | CLOSED until higher lvl

Breeding Information

If you're looking to breed with any of my pokemon, please make sure to comment here or send me  a note with this form filled out!

Name of Your Pokemon (with link):
Name of my Pokemon that you want to breed with:
 This is where you tell me why you want to breed our Pokemon
Extra: Anything else you want to include or let me know (like items that you're using, terms you want to negotiate etc.)

  1. I will only breed my pokemon if they are Lvl. 20 or higher. Any potential mates MUST be at least lvl. 20 to be considered.
  2. If we decide to breed, I get first pick of the clutch.
    1. If the clutch is even, we will split down the middle. If it is odd, I get the extra if I want it.
      1. The extra may also be decided depending on who used an item (if any). If there are any fusion, cross, or morph pokemon we can decide by random generator who gets which (0-50 = mine, 51-100 = yours)
  3. My payment for breeding is generally 5-10 lvls. to the pokemon of my choosing. I also accept images of our pokemon together before they breed (couple image). This is, of course, negotiable.
    1. You have 4 days from the time I state to give me your payment. Otherwise, the breeding is off.
  4. In the event that a pokemon is closed for breeding, you can comment here and I will put you on reserve. 
    1. Reserves only hold for one week. Once I have finished with the previous breeding, in the event that you don' get back in touch with me about your reservation, then my pokemon is free to breed with whomever I choose. 
  5. Any leftover pokemon are the responsibility of the breeder to get them good homes.
    1. If you have trouble getting some of your portion of the clutch adopted, I can't help you.
  6. Terms of payment for clutches will be included in the description box on the clutch page. Please comment there if you want a pokemon.
  7. If I'm coming to you for breeding, I will abide by the rules that  you have set.


Ranch-type Specific:

:iconfiretypeplz: : Charmander, Vulpix, Growlithe, Ponyta , Cyndaquil, Houndour
:iconwatertypeplz: :  Squirtle, Piplup, Skrelp
:iconflyingtypeplz: : Noibat, Swablu, Woobat 


:icongrasstypeplz: :  Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Cherubi, Petilil
:iconelectrictypeplz: : Pichu/Pikachu, Mareep, Shinx
:iconnormaltypeplz: : Eevee, Spinda
:icondragontypeplz: : Dratini, Deino

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