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Nice to Meet You! by FengHuangLady
Nice to Meet You!

After a SUPER DUPER long hiatus from DA, I'm back with a leveling pic for both my Helios and :iconmoonstonegemini:'s Spiritweaver

Helios gained 30 levels!: Full body(5) + shading(5) + bg(5) = 30 lvls
Spiritweaver gained 30 levels!: Full body(5) + shading(5) + bg(5) = 30 lvls
DC Missionaries Ghost Entry: Cockerblock by FengHuangLady
DC Missionaries Ghost Entry: Cockerblock

I haven't been active on DA in AGES and when I saw that the group was having a creation contest I had to to send in a submssion!

If you can figure out the story behind his name before you read the description I salute you, good sir. :iconohohoplz:


Ghost: Cockerblock

Weapon: Chickerblocks that he can send out en masse (used as both obstructions by building walls as well as projectiles); sonic crowing; attacking like how any normal rooster would attack

Abilities: Causes the inability to finish what you started, particularly in sexual situations; also frustration (in all its forms) and aggression as well as irrationality - Chickerblocks can physically impede progress while Cockerblock verbally does so

Info: A college frat bro was once well known for his reputation with women, getting laid regularly and boasting about it to all his bros. He kept and extensive list of his conquests. Gradually (and for no apparent reason), he began to experience repeated incidences wherein he would try to hook up and was prevented from doing so (often right when the action was about  to happen). He grew increasingly frustrated, trying to get lucky in the most random situations until finally one day he decided to do the nasty with a girl on the roof of his frat building. However, the poor guy and his partner were hammered, and as such, right when he was about to finally add another notch to his bedpost fate decided to screw him over - by having both the bro and his lady fall off the roof 3 stories to the ground below where he died on impact. He essentially cockblocked himself not only from sex but also life and his bitter soul came back to the mortal plain as an angry ghost determined to not let anyone else reach fulfillment.
Artist Credit for Book by FengHuangLady
Artist Credit for Book
An admittedly unattractive photo of some credit I was given for character design in a children's book series that I worked on while back.
Princess Terra Work by FengHuangLady
Princess Terra Work
Just wanted to upload a comparison picture of the initial design I did of the first page of the Guardian Princesses: Princess Terra and King Abaddon. The left image is the work that I did illustrating and designing the character, and the right image is the final product done by another artist in the official. The images are nearly identical and my designs were clearly used.
DC Missionaries App: Babydoll by FengHuangLady
DC Missionaries App: Babydoll


Name: Babydoll Delecroix

Age: 19 years in appearance

Gender: Female

Height: 5'1

Fallen Sin: Lust and Wrath

Weapon: "Valkyrie" - Meteor Hammer held together with holy energy

Personality: Flirty | Sarcastic | Compassionate | Social | Short-Tempered | Cynical | Compulsive 



+Being Right
+Cartoons/Video Games
+Singing/Doodling/Being Silly
+Weird or funny voices
+Quiet/Dorky/Boy-Next-Door Guys


-Being Short
-Being Picked Up
-Bad Hygiene 
-People fawning over her
-Not being taken seriously (quickest way to piss her off next to being stupid)
-Bad jokes or puns
-Lightweights (she can seriously hold her drink and sobers up REALLY FAST so guess who has to be Team Mom after the party)


History: Babydoll started out as a sweet Angel in Heaven, working hard on her qualification to be a Temperance Virtue Angel at university. It wasn't necessarily that she loved school, but more of the fact that she new she needed to get her degree to get ANYWHERE in life so she hauled as to finish as soon as possible, thus graduate at the early age of 19 or so. 

She landed a job right after university as a counselor for new angels coming from Earth, as well as those who were starting to stray from the path of righteousness. The workload was insane, and in order to cope Babydoll resorted to drinking and partying. She still worked hard, but figured that as long as work and play didn't mix she would be fine.

But mix it did.  One night while she was out partying with some friends at the local club, she met a handsome man of an angel and they got to talking. Eventually they went back to her place and one thing led to another ... When she went to work the next day Babydoll learned that her midnight mancandy was actually her next appointment. Not only that, but the fool had specifically requested her so he could fuel his office lady fantasies. When her superior figured out what had happened, he gave her a very loud and public dressing down in front of the entire office, berating her for not doing a good job and whoring around rather than trying to be a good example for her patients. Babydoll tried her hardest to keep her protesting to herself, but she finally snapped and unleashed her slighted fury on not only her boss but the guy she had boinked the night before.

The end result was everyone but her severely injured and the lost of her Virtue status. She got punted down to Earth and landed right in Daten City. A voice from above yelled down to her, "Come back when you learn to control yourself!" She figured the best way to do that would be to take her rage out on ghosts and get all of her desires taken care of. And when she did, Babydoll would make sure that her "boss" got a real good idea of how much she meant business.



-Give her pastries and she'll give you love
-Don't pet her. Unless it's for sexy times.
-She's lost a lot of respect for authority after getting the boot.
-She loves to help people and give advice, but woe for you if you don't appreciate her efforts
-Can drink like a fish so challenge her at your own risk
-Gets frisky when intoxicated
-Hates when people try to get all up in her business
-Don't complain around her unless you want to get told bluntly how life works
-When she uses Valkyrie the ends of it light up with holy energy so they look like they're on fire

Henshin Theme
Only members from PKMNation need to read this!


After having trekked through numerous forests, crossed picturesque streams and hills, you eventually come upon a quiet valley settled right in front of a mountain pass. The sunrise shining through the trees brings a wonderful sense of peace and contentment to your soul, and as you wander through the valley you eventually  walk up to a quaint wooden cabin surrounded by a large fenced area filled with happy Pokemon. 

Welcome to Sunrise Valley Ranch!

Ranch Specialty

:iconfiretypeplz: || :iconwatertypeplz: || :iconflyingtypeplz:


Ranch Pokemon

Name | Species | Lvl. | Breeding Status


Sunrise Valley Ranch: Charon by FengHuangLady Sunrise Valley Ranch: Helios by FengHuangLadySunrise Valley Ranch: Thanatos by FengHuangLadySunrise Valley Ranch: Oberon by FengHuangLady
Charon | Litleo | Lvl. 40 | OPEN
Helios | Litleo/Shinx Crossbreed | Lvl. 74 | OPEN
Thanatos | Pyroar/Trevenant Crossbreed | Lvl. 73 | OPEN
Oberon | Fairy Fusion Altaria | Lvl. 68 | OPEN


Sunrise Valley Ranch: Alys by FengHuangLadySunrise Valley Ranch: Fionna by FengHuangLadySunrise Valley Ranch: Sylph by FengHuangLadySunrise Valley Ranch: Mugetsu by FengHuangLadySunrise Valley Ranch: Lights by FengHuangLadySunrise Valley Ranch: Ohagi by FengHuangLady
Alys  | Ducklet | Lvl. 34 | OPEN
Fionna | Seel | Lvl. 25 | OPEN
Slyph | Fletchling | Lvl 35. | OPEN
Mugetsu | Litleo/Shinx/Vulpix | Lvl. 80 | OPEN
Lights | Charmander | Lvl. 9 | CLOSED until higher lvl
Ohagi | Hoppip | Lvl. 8 | CLOSED until higher lvl

Breeding Information

If you're looking to breed with any of my pokemon, please make sure to comment here or send me  a note with this form filled out!

Name of Your Pokemon (with link):
Name of my Pokemon that you want to breed with:
 This is where you tell me why you want to breed our Pokemon
Extra: Anything else you want to include or let me know (like items that you're using, terms you want to negotiate etc.)

  1. I will only breed my pokemon if they are Lvl. 20 or higher. Any potential mates MUST be at least lvl. 20 to be considered.
  2. If we decide to breed, I get first pick of the clutch.
    1. If the clutch is even, we will split down the middle. If it is odd, I get the extra if I want it.
      1. The extra may also be decided depending on who used an item (if any). If there are any fusion, cross, or morph pokemon we can decide by random generator who gets which (0-50 = mine, 51-100 = yours)
  3. My payment for breeding is generally 5-10 lvls. to the pokemon of my choosing. I also accept images of our pokemon together before they breed (couple image). This is, of course, negotiable.
    1. You have 4 days from the time I state to give me your payment. Otherwise, the breeding is off.
  4. In the event that a pokemon is closed for breeding, you can comment here and I will put you on reserve. 
    1. Reserves only hold for one week. Once I have finished with the previous breeding, in the event that you don' get back in touch with me about your reservation, then my pokemon is free to breed with whomever I choose. 
  5. Any leftover pokemon are the responsibility of the breeder to get them good homes.
    1. If you have trouble getting some of your portion of the clutch adopted, I can't help you.
  6. Terms of payment for clutches will be included in the description box on the clutch page. Please comment there if you want a pokemon.
  7. If I'm coming to you for breeding, I will abide by the rules that  you have set.


Ranch-type Specific:

:iconfiretypeplz: : Charmander, Vulpix, Growlithe, Ponyta , Cyndaquil, Houndour
:iconwatertypeplz: :  Squirtle, Piplup, Skrelp
:iconflyingtypeplz: : Noibat, Swablu, Woobat 


:icongrasstypeplz: :  Bulbasaur, Chikorita, Cherubi, Petilil
:iconelectrictypeplz: : Pichu/Pikachu, Mareep, Shinx
:iconnormaltypeplz: : Eevee, Spinda
:icondragontypeplz: : Dratini, Deino

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ShadowEclipex Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Happy Birthday,
From all of us to you!!~
We wish it was our Birthday
So we could party too!!~
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lieladragonrayne Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016
XD Happy Birthday!! Hope its a great one!
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MappleKey Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2015
Hello I am the leader of a role play group called MKP-I. I wanted to invite you too :iconmkp-i:
The app requires a digital drawing and the main way to role play is through skype but you may do notes or others ways to rp. The basic plot is summed up below go to the group for more details.

Mapple Island - is an drop off zone 'finished' subjects. They are placed on the island but they do not knows why they are there yet it is going to show up more and more in the chapters and explain. Characters role play through the chapters finding hints and clues through exploration and reading through the chapters as well as Dairy or story entries made by Group leader(s). People are welcome to make productions and things like that but one of the group or subject goals is to find out why they are there but currently they do not know that is there goal and they are thinking more on survival. 

The current point of the role play is to make your character/everyone unaware to why they are on the island all they know for now is that no one else is there but themselves until they start meeting other subjects. The current goal is survival.

I hope to see you join. I you are not interested feel free to ignore.
minesonicxy Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
speak in Mexican Spanish or Castilian
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